3 Reasons to Dig Out that Old Jewelry

Chances are you have at least a few old family jewelry pieces stored somewhere in a box. Perhaps it's your grandmother’s cameo brooch or a ring from a favorite aunt. If so, congratulations, you have an heirloom – an item of value passed down through generations in a family.

At CBC Jewelers, we’ve helped many of our clients rescue their nearly-forgotten heirlooms, and we can do the same for you.

1. Redesign Heirloom Jewelry

You may love the tradition behind a piece of heirloom jewelry, but feel that the item itself doesn’t suit your style. We can redesign your heirloom piece by removing the stone from its original setting and placing it in a custom-designed setting. We can also rework the original setting for your heirloom jewelry into a style that is more in line with your taste.

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custom heirloom diamond ring restoration

2. Display Heirloom Jewelry

vintage jewelry

Some heirloom jewelry is beautiful, but simply too fragile to wear, or so valuable that you don’t want to risk losing it – or having it stolen. Such pieces can be displayed in a shadow box or as décor for your makeup table rather than hidden in a drawer.

3. Repurpose Heirlooms as Bling for furnishings

Heirloom jewelry can take on an entirely new life as bling. Place heirloom stones in custom-built furnishings as ornamentation, or refashion heirloom gold or silver as decorative pieces for bedside tables or as a centerpiece for your dining room table.

Tip: Proper Storage for Heirloom Jewelery

Proper storage will extend the life of your heirloom pieces. Place delicate pieces in cotton-lined containers to prevent damage. Silver and other tarnish-prone pieces should be placed in tarnish resistant bags. Avoid storing pieces together to prevent scratches. This is especially important when storing jewelry with diamonds or other set stones. If you must store pieces together, separate them with archival tissue.

owl heirloom pendant

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