Andrea Candela Collections

CBC Fine Jewelers is proud to carry Andrea Candela Collections, fine jewelry that incorporates Old World charm with modern style.

About the Jewelry Designer

Andrea Candela Collections was founded in Valencia, Spain as Candela Hermanos (Candela Brothers) early in the 20th century. The jewelry house made a name for itself in fine gold jewelry throughout Europe.

The second generation of the Candela family, namely Andrea Candela, continues the tradition of fine jewelry design. However, Andrea Candela has expanded both the materials used in her creations as well as her market horizons. Andrea Candela Collections was created primarily for the North America market, bringing Old World traditions to the New World.

ac18Andrea Candela Collections Features

Nearly every piece in the Andrea Candela Collections share signature features, such as:

  • Sterling silver accented with 18K gold
  • Armadillo finish
  • Rope edge design

Every stone used in Andrea Candela Collections is carefully selected to provide vibrant color to the piece.

Whether you share the heritage of Spain, or simply enjoy the beauty of its design traditions, you’ll find the perfect Andrea Candela Collections piece for you at CBC Fine Jewelers.
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