Customize your New Ring

custom ring design el paso txJewelry is a unique form of art that allows the wearer to express their own unique personality. At CBC Fine Jewelers, you can fully express yourself with our custom designed rings. We have the technology and expertise to go from idea to finished product, all under one roof.

Hi-Tech Custom Ring Design

CBC Fine Jewelers is on the cutting edge of jewelry design and manufacture, and we have invested in technology that allows us to design and create your custom ring in as little as two weeks. Our technology includes:

  • CAD design program that creates renders to help you visualize the final product
  • 3D printer to create a wax mold of your ring before it is cast in precious metal

We are currently the only jewelry store & manufacturing company in El Paso with 3D printing capability, and this technology allows us to make sure we accurately capture your dream ring before any precious metals or gemstones are touched.

Custom Ring Design Process
CBC Fine Jewelers makes designing your custom ring easy and enjoyable.

  • Contact us to schedule a free design consultation. You will sit down with a one of our team members who will listen to your description of your dream ring and explain the custom jewelry design process. We are diamond experts, so we can help you select the finest diamond, provide you with the proper information so you can truly know your diamond, or we can use the gemstones and precious metals of an heirloom piece.
  • We will create 3D renders of your ring from a number of angles using our computer design technology. This stage is one of the best times to suggest changes.
  • We create a wax mold of the approved render. Again, you may suggest changes once you see the mold. If the mold is exactly what you want…
  • We cast the actual ring, which involves injecting molten gold into the mold where it melts and replaces the wax in the exact same shape.

Once the precious metal is cooled and the precious stones are set, your ring is cleaned and polishedβ€”ready to become a conversation starter on your finger!

Contact CBC Fine Jewelers to create the custom ring that everyone will be talking about.