Do Guys Wear Engagement Rings?

Historically, engagement rings served as more of a visual representation of a financial transaction between families rather than a romantic commitment between two individuals. The concept of marriage for love was unknown. Indeed, most marriages were arranged by parents or older relatives, and many brides and grooms barely knew one another before the ceremony. This partially explains the tradition of the bride keeping the ring after a broken engagement as compensation for the damage done to her “value” for marriage.

Today, engagement rings symbolize romance and promise rather than financial transactions. Couples often meet in ways that their parents or grandparents never imagined. Nonetheless, getting down on one knee with a ring is as romantic today as it was in past decades. Today’s couples view engagement rings as declarations of love.

Broken engagements are occasions of sadness, and even grief, rather than of a financial transaction gone wrong. As a result, today’s brides often opt to return the ring after a broken engagement rather than keeping it – even when the ring is pricey. For instance, pop star Ariana Grande returned her $93,000, 3-carat engagement ring to her former fiancé after they broke their engagement.

Upset woman holding engagement ring.

Another sign of the changing times is the idea that engagement rings are no longer just for women. Some men have started wearing them to advertise their “taken” status and symbolize their mutual commitment to their soon-to-be spouses.

Ed Sheeran

Musician Ed Sheeran opted to begin wearing a ring shortly after becoming engaged, prompting questions about his marital status. He corrected the misconception with a straightforward response: “I never saw why men didn’t wear engagement rings, because it’s the same commitment either way.”

Fellow musician Michael Buble also wore an engagement ring before his marriage. He explained that in Argentina, the native country of his wife, it is common for both men and women to wear engagement rings, as well as wedding rings.

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