Modernize Your Heirloom

CBC Fine Jewelers can give your old jewelry new life. We have the expertise and technology to take the precious metals and gemstones in heirloom jewelry and use them to create a new custom piece that fits your personality and style.

hm-img2A More Affordable Way to Get Custom Jewelry

Modernizing heirloom jewelry allows you to get custom jewelry at a fraction of the cost. Because you supply the materialsโ€”the precious metals and gemstonesโ€”all you need is the expertise and skill to transform your heirloom into a new piece; the master jeweler at CBC Fine Jewelers has it! Gerardo Cardenas has more than 20 years of experience working with all types of precious metals, precious stones, and jewelry pieces. The quality of his work is second to none, so we know you will be happy with your new creation.

In the event that your heirloom piece has more precious metals or stones than you want in the new custom piece, CBC Fine Jewelers offers a gold buy-back program. And, if you want to add more luster to your new piece, we can help you select the finest quality diamonds and other precious stones at the best prices.

From Outdated to Modern chic
CBC Fine Jewelers can transform your heirloom jewelry in just two weeks, and our technology allows us to get every detail right before your heirloom jewelry is touched.

Modernizing antique or heirloom jewelry is similar to the custom jewelry design process:

  • Schedule a free design consultation. We meet with you to get to know your vision for the new piece.
  • Review and revise 3D renderings of the modern jewelry piece until it is exactly what you had in mind.
  • We translate these 3D images into a wax mold used to cast your actual jewelry piece.

After weโ€™ve finished setting the gemstones and polishing the piece, it is ready for you to show off.

Contact us to transform your heirloom jewelry into something more distinctly you!