New Engagement Ring Trends You’ll Love

Traditionally, engagement rings have meant a large solitaire diamond set within a gold band. Many couples are happy to stick with this classic tradition. However, today’s engagement ring designs have evolved beyond the traditional solitaire to include halo, three-stone, pave, and other beautiful ring styles. Here are some of the most popular trends in engagement rings today.

It's all in the Setting

Many glamorous rings feature a large diamond set high within the setting to show off every facet of the stone. Halo diamond rings, with a large center stone surrounded by smaller stones, are another elegant choice for a show-stopping engagement ring. For active brides, especially those who work with their hands, lower set stones, or stones set into a bezel to protect the gem, provide a practical yet lovely choice for engagement rings.


CBC Fine Jewelers diamond enagement ring

Be Different

Many couples are opting for cubic zirconium, white sapphires, or moissanite gems as beautiful alternatives to diamonds, often due to budgetary constraints or for ethical reasons. Colored gemstones, such as rubies or emeralds, may also substitute for diamonds.

Look to Nature

CBC Fine Jewelers crescent moon engagement ring

Many current brides are looking for organic band designs and settings that are reflective of nature, such as leaves, vines, braids, or infinity twist designs. Other couples opt for nontraditional metals such as white gold, silver, platinum, or a combination of gold and silver.  

Your nature-inspired engagement band can be out of this world, like this crescent-moon piece!

Go Vintage

Vintage styles have surged in popularity in recent years. Rings employing filigree milgrain, Edwardian, and Art Deco styles with cluster arrangements, intricate scroll work, or delicate, dainty bands are stylish and elegant. CBC Jewelers can redesign an heirloom piece in our studio to honor your family member’s legacy, while creating a piece that is uniquely yours.

Make a Statement

Other couples seek to make unique statements with their rings. We can make your vision a reality with our CAD design equipment and 3-D printer to create a wax mold of your ring before casting it in precious metal and stones.

Interested in a Custom Design?

CBC is currently the only jewelry store & manufacturing company in El Paso with 3D printing capabilities!

custom ring design

With so many options available in stones and settings, you’re certain to find a ring that fits your personal taste, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Come into the store today and let us help you find that perfect piece of jewelry for your special occasion!