Why Is It Important to Have Your Watch Repaired by a Pro?

Maintenance is an important aspect of keeping valuable equipment working. It’s true for cars. it’s true for computers. And it’s true for watches. Whether it is high-end or modestly priced, it is inevitable that your timepiece will eventually need repairs to keep it functioning well.

Can people make any simple repairs to their watch at home?

You may be tempted to attempt simple watch repairs such as changing the battery yourself. However, such repairs are actually more complex than they might seem. The money you may save on a DIY watch repair can be quickly wiped out if you accidentally damage the delicate inner workings of the watch when you remove the back.   

That’s because a watch movement has up to 500 moving parts. Unless you know what you are doing, it is easy to damage one or more of those parts or throw the entire movement out of alignment. This is especially true with mechanical watches, where the process of reconditioning involves an intricate process of detailing and repairing many small parts. A watch repair shop is also a much cleaner environment than almost any home or apartment.  It’s kept dust-free to avoid having dust settle into the movement of a watch.

professional repairing watch

Another reason to leave repairs to the pros is that many fine watches carry a warranty. Home repairs can void the warranty along with damaging the watch. Add all these factors together, and In the long run, the cost to correct a botched DIY repair could add up to be much more expensive than a repair from a watch repair shop would have been.

What can someone do at home to customize their watch?

changing watch band

Changing the watch band is one exception where a DIY repair is usually OK. Most people can handle removing and replacing the spring-loaded stem that holds a watch band in place. Replacing a watch band is also an excellent way of customizing your watch – it’s amazing what a difference simply changing the watch band can make.

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